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We have been experts in Valencia since 1996, offering relocation and real estate services.

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Firms, Corporations, Public Organizations, Private Organizations…

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Personalized Adjustment:
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services to your needs.


Individualized Counseling:
Your consultant will
coordinate all services per
your request.


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PreReLoc Deciding

We outline the services according to your unique needs. After acquiring a full understanding of your preferences through an initial questionnaire, we schedule an online or in-person appointment to become better acquainted.


We will present you with the entire market offering for rent or for sale homes. Your priorities matter to us, so that we would prescreen schools and coordinate visits and interviews that you can have during a recommended familiarization journey before the ultimate move.


We offer a comprehensive consultation, providing information, guidance, and complete support for a successful relocation.


ReLoc Moving

When you arrive, everything will be meticulously organized, allowing you to fully focus on your professional and family endeavors.


Your personal consultant will greatly expedite the process of searching for housing, schools, handling administrative and banking procedures, registering services, and more.

PostReLoc Living

Your move is now over, and you are in your dream home. Despite this being your wish, this time can prove quite challenging.


Our services encompass ongoing assistance to tackle any matter that may arise in the initial days following the move.


You can always count on us.


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Technology Innovation
Applied To Real Estate


Digital Document
Management & Regulatory


Real-time Information:
Round-the-clock Client Portal

Discover what we can do for you step by step

PreReLoc Deciding

I. Real Estate Questionnaire

II. Real Estate Counseling: Sale or Rental

  • Own Property Portfolio
  • Tailored Search: Homes and Land
  • Budget and Preference-driven Preselection
  • In-person, Virtual, or Online Walkthroughs
  • Negotiations and Agreements On Your Behalf
  • Orientation Trip: Temporary accommodation

III. Real Estate, Legal, and Taxation Advising

  • Signing of Contracts: Reservation, Earnest money

IV. Financial and Mortgage Management


  • NIE Foreigner Identification Number*

  • Bank Account (highly recommended)

*must do

I. Questionnaire to Identify Needs

II. Orientation Trip:

  • Flight, Accommodation and Reception Arrangements
  • Welcome Package
  • City Tour

III. Schools

  • Pre-screening
  • Visits and Interviews Planning

IV. Vehicle:

  • Shipping/Import

V. Pets

  • Documentation and Insurance Paperwork

VI. Legal, Taxation, and Labor Counseling

  • Review legal claims

ReLoc Moving

I. Sale or Rental Procedures:

  • Signing of the public deed of sale or lease contract

  • Preparation and Support at Notary’s Office

    • Translation services

  • Supplementary Real Estate Services

    • Utility arrangements: Water, Gas, Electricity, Waste, TV, Internet

    • Home Insurance

    • Community expenses

  • Remodeling, Home Maintenance, and Domestic Services

II. Visits:

  • In-person, Virtual, or Online

III. Real Estate, Legal, and Taxation Advising

  • Tax payments


  • Residence Permit*

  • TIE Residency Card for NON-European citizens*

  • Census*

  • Social Security Number: Public Health System

  • Public Health Insurance

    • Application Tarjeta SIP

  • Family Permits

  • Work Permit

  • Golden VISA

*must do

I. Shipping and Moving Process Coordination

II. Schools

  • Interviews

  • Visits

  • Enrollment

III. Vehicle

  • Driving License

  • Registration

IV. Pets

  • Shipping

V. Taxation Counseling

  • Income Tax

  • Bank account direct debit:

    • Property Tax*

    • Waste removal Fees

VI. Legal and Labor Counseling


*must do

PostReLoc Living

I. Property Management:

  • Sale

  • Renting

  • New Home Purchase or Renting

II. After-sales Assistance

III. Remodeling and Home Maintenance


  • Document Renewal

Legal, Taxation, and Labor Counseling

Real estate management experts in Valencia since 1996


  1. Initial questionnaire to discover your needs and preferences.

  2. Preselection of all available properties for sale and rent in the market, both from our portfolio and from collaborating agencies.

  3. You will have the freedom using any device to virtually explore at your convenience every part of the properties.

  4. We attend all in-person visits with you and streamline communication, negotiation, and contractual documentation with the property owners:

    • We provide advice on the selected properties.

    • We negotiate on your behalf.

    • We translate and explain the terms in your contract.

    • We are present at any signing.

    • We coordinate and assist during the notarial signing.

    • Property Inspection and Preparation: We review the inventory and the facilities with you.

    • Additional Real Estate Services: We assist you with settling up the utilities, any domestic services, home maintenance, and improvement proposals.


Our fees are established with complete transparency based on the requested and accepted services.

Your personal consultant will schedule the necessary appointments, will represent or escort you to facilitate communication, and complete the necessary forms.

  • Residence Permit
  • Work Authorizations
  • Visas and Extensions
  • Census Registration
  • Health Insurance
  • Bank Account Opening


Our fees are established with complete transparency based on the requested and accepted services.

  • Regarding your school search, we commit to identifying the most suitable option for your needs.

    • We carefully schedule interviews and visits and provide detailed assistance in enrollment procedures, ensuring a smooth and personalized process.

  • Our goal is to guarantee you find valuable and meaningful connections in your new environment.

    • We will recommend business associations, social clubs, and trade groups that align with your interests and expectations.


Our fees are established with complete transparency based on the requested and accepted services.

  1. Processing: Administrative and contractual management of any procedure related to the sector.

  2. Multidisciplinary Team: A broad and expert team will provide the best solutions for you at all times.

  3. Personalized and Comprehensive Counseling: We guarantee you the best real estate experience in the sector – honest, transparent, and efficient.

  4. Legal Office: Bureaucratic, tax, financial, and legal advice.

  5. Remodeling and Maintenance: Partial or comprehensive renovations. Architecture, design, and furnishings.


Our fees are established with complete transparency based on the requested and accepted services.

  • Moving Services: We advise and manage your relocation with the most suitable moving company.

  • Vehicle: Your personal consultant will provide support with the import and registration procedures for your vehicle.

  • Insurance: We provide a selection of insurance companies with products tailored specifically to our clients.

  • Pet Transport: We organize the transfer of your pets and take care of their documentation.

  • Interpretation Services and Document Translation in your required language combination.


Our fees are established with complete transparency based on the requested and accepted services.

  • Property Sale or Rental.

  • Lease Contract Termination and Deposit Return.

  • Utility Disconnection.

  • Move Coordination and Supervision.

  • Closure of Bank Accounts, Insurance Policies, Registrations, and Residence Permits.


Our fees are established with complete transparency based on the requested and accepted services.

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Premio a la Excelencia Inmobiliaria,
IV Premios Comunitat Valenciana. 2021.

Premio a la Confianza Empresarial,
II Premios La Razón Comunitat Valenciana. 2019.

Premio Mediterráneo Excelente a los Mejores
Servicios Inmobiliarios de Levante. 2018.

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